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Our life is a moving circle – everything is connected – seemingly unrelated things are affecting each other. It is in my nature (and one of my top identified Clifton Strengths) to see the connection between the food we eat, the agriculture practices, the environment, the economy and our health. True health is about holistic living and functional medicine. You may find it weird that I work with dōTERRA selling essential oils and the best supplements ever, am able to interpret your lab work, tell you what to eat and what not to, am an expert in food allergies in children, may know the underlying cause of your Childs behavioural issues and why we need to separate our regulatory agencies from the agricultural and food production lobbyists.

After working with me, or following me on social media (Insta it will all start to make sense. It is a process. We all needed to get through it first as well.

This is the page for all my English speaking friends and clients… get informed, click through, get inspired and let me know how I can best serve you.

there really is no right or wrong way to use essential oils. I think what we really want to focus on is consistency and using the right amount.

Dr. Hill, founder dōTERRA

Are you on the market to get your first set of these amazing essential oils?

I can promise you two things:

1. you will not regret ever getting started – after all, these oils are the purest on the market, and…

2. I will walk with you on your journey, every step of the way – free 1 hour Wellness consultation and continued education in private group setting included… go here to figure it all out.

My master thesis, written in 2016/2017, mirrors my story and why I do what I do. I wanted to show the connection between the epidemic of food allergies in children and how food political issues may have something to do with it. Because parents, this is not on you… a whole bunch of greedy decisions by powerful people got us into this mess. But WE need to get us out. So I filled the required pages to get my degree with words that matter. Enjoy. And please do respect the copyright. If you want to share, please ask. Thank you.

get healthy with our comprehensive online program in a small group setting
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work with me personally.

how that might look like – find out here.


Sometimes I go live on Insta or facebook and talk about what is on my mind. sometimes I save the videos and upload them to youtube. Here for your education purposes are following videos…

Insta live video on the issue of the total toxic load on our children. I mention the CHIRP study from a wonderful group of people ‚documenting hope‘.
seasonal allergies – how essential oils can support you!
Insta Live with Patrick from Patabee Beeswax Wraps – check them out! Super amazing stuff!
WEllness Wednesday fb Live video on gut health!

questions? do not hesitate to send me a message.

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