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  • summer (travel) oils
    oils for your summer adventures! . a list of essentials – for day trips or actual over night stays. . die essentiellen Öle für Deine Sommerausflüge! sei es für Tagestrips oder Übernachtungen.
  • that’s what’s in my #pinkpantry
    → a well stocked pantry will help you make better decisions for your daily meal planning and routines… the healthy food is already at your home and you are less likely to impulse buy items that you do not need„that’s what’s in my #pinkpantry“ weiterlesen
  • are you asking questions?
    I think it is clear that we live in unprecedented times. In the middle of this trauma that we are in people grow out of their own self and developed super powers or are crumbling. Sometimes both scenarios happen within„are you asking questions?“ weiterlesen
  • call me.
    Lets talk – person to person. Ask me your nutrition and food related questions that are personal to you or your family, your kids, your ailments, to whatever is going on in your life! runter scrollen für Deutsch! Nutrition is„call me.“ weiterlesen
  • top 10.
    Was/welches sind die ‚Top 10‘ ätherischen Öle von dōTERRA? -> das findest Du weiter unten heraus! Eine Hausapotheke – zu Hause zu haben – war unter Umständen noch nie so praktisch und hilfreich wie gerade in dieser Zeit… (falls jemand„top 10.“ weiterlesen

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