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Optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow. - Linus Pauling

Get Shift Done. 



The program is RUNNING! Join anytime! 

Check out my recorded Insta Live video with some info on the program! 

We all need to grow, and we are acutely aware of the magic and miracles created when we come together!

Cleanses can be a great way to reboot our sense of health and well-being. If done correctly, they can be transformational. 

The reason most cleanses fail us is because they don't go DEEP enough to get into the subtle layers of the body AND the mind. 

In order to effectively reset ourselves, we must clear out our physical and subconscious 'residue.' 


Because we're here to fulfill our life's purpose and to do so, we need to have exceptional mental clarity and a body that is not only healthy but energized. Most importantly, we need to be attuned to the most subtle and most PROFOUND parts of our being. 

This is exactly what the Get Shift Done Experience is all about and more, not only you will receive support for this season but there will be a fall/winter boost as a gift to you!

Shift your thinking through meditation. Learn about real nourishing food, the science behind nutrition.

 Join us for a holistic approach that will promote a long-lasting shift for your life. 

What you may experience physically

  • Better and deeper sleep.
  • Healthier bowel movement.
  • Optimal hormonal balance
  • The riddance of toxins from your cells.
  • A shift in your health
  • Clear shinier skin, nails and hair.
  • Better stamina


What you may Experience Emotionally 

  • Establish time that is solely dedicated to deepening self-love and inner reflection. 
  • Establish new patterns of inspired thoughts and actions to eliminate self sabotage. 
  • Create sacred  space in your life to digest and assimilate all the wisdom within you. 
  • Release your inner critic and be more consistent with your practices with joyful ease. 
  • Clear away all the suffering, doubt, fear and confusion to bring your gifts and purpose to life. 
  • Unravel the overstimulated nervous system to find true safety in the world.
  •  Allow your physical, mental and emotional body to heal and be restored to a state of ease.

Celeste & Nadia 

Celeste has been a transcendental meditator, yoga teacher and mentor for more than a decade she has established herself as a healer in her community in Denver, Colorado. Her breathwork ceremonies are loved and highly attended. She is also a massage therapist and a shamanic healer. 

Find out more about Celeste here.

Nadia is a nutrition therapist and specializes in food allergies, food elimination, removing toxins from your life, supplementation to fit individuals needs and food politics. She finds the combination of nutrition therapy and essential oils so powerful that she teaches and leads people into a healthier way of life on a daily basis. 

Our Story

We are sisters. Not by blood, but by life. Nadia and Celeste were blessed to live in Denver together for over 7 years. Our children grew up together. We spent time living together. When we celebrate something in our lives the other one pops up in our head first. When we need help and do not know how to keep going, we think about what the other one of us would do. 

For so long we have planned and talked about also working together. It just seemed like a natural extension our relationship. So here we are. 
Bringing a shift to your life. A shift to your mental thinking. A shift to your nutritional health. Because since the moment we gotta know each other, there was one thing we knew. We had experienced this over and over in our own families. Food is the foundation of your health. Food is what the mind and body needs, believes and receive. 

We hope we can create the shift in your life as well. 

Our Invitation

This will be an AMAZING opportunity to connect. 


The live calls are an opportunity to receive personalized attention from us, and as part of the program we will facilitate a Q&A to make sure that all of your needs are met and you receive the support that you are longing for.

We invite you to experience real and lasting growth.


 We invite you to create the shift you need to improve and sustain your health.  

We hope that you can accept our invitation!

  • The Program, starts at 111.00USD. 


What You’ll Receive:

  • Lifetime access and downloadable 30 meditations that have been specifically designed for this experience. 
  • ebook: nutritional guide on sugar free living, label reading, nutrition therapy, supplements, tips and tricks
  • Intimate personal support group. 
  • Lifetime access to Facebook group (weekly content - a space for you all to support each other)
  • 2 Personalized mentoring session with Celeste and Nadia, 30minutes each
  • 2nd fall reset/detox session using the remaining supplements
  • Education that will shift your mind and your physical health 

The Supplements. 

What you need, and why. 

  • Supplements and oils from doTERRA.  -  you will get them as part of a kit for more savings to you! And some oils to use with your loved ones as well! 
  • A well researched and proven supplement kit of high quality ingredients to surely support your body with a gentle detox and shift to a less toxic internal environment  (If you have a log in with doTERRA already, you know what to get) 
  • The Supplements are oils and nutrients (REAL FOOD) designed to SUPPORT your body's natural elimination and detoxification pathways. 
  • The supplement kit will last you for up to three month, you will detox with it twice this year. You will refill nutritional gaps with the food grade multivitamins/minerals and essential fatty acids and you will support and protect your cells with the highest pure grade essential oils on the market. 


Where Do I Sign Up?

Do you have a doTERRA Login? Great, order following Supplements:

  • TerraZyme
  • PB Assist/GX Assist (they are a bundle, save some cash)
  • LLV (life long vitality pack - save money when ordering on the LRP program)
  • DDR prime: capsules or the oil - your preference makes the choice here. 
  • Zendocrine softgels
  • Lemon essential oil


No doTERRA Login yet? 


  • no problem, you are in for a treat! through getting started with the healthy habits kit -  you have access to all their other products at a 25% discount.

Choose the 'healthy habits enrolment kit' (158USD includes your membership to get products at 25% off all year long!) and add Zendocrine Softgels (34USD) , GX Assist (32USD) and maybe DDR Prime to your basket. (Talk to me about this! I want this to be of value to you - everyone has different needs!) 

  • If you are signing up for this program and you are residing in Europe, please email me and I will help you get started with the supplements - same supplements, no worries, just a different way to order them. Same benefits and price as well (in Euros).

Now that this is done - wait for the email from us and we'll get started as a group - June 3rd - or anytime you are ready! 

However, this Program is available ALWAYS - YEAR ROUND - if you choose to do it at another time. 

We are super pumped you are with us and we get to grow together!

Much love, 

Nadia and Celeste