the oil experience 2.0

you will only know how magic these gifts from the earth really are if you tried them!

announcing ‚the oil experience 2.0‘ – because we had so much fun last time and the people we got to serve really loved it!

are you IN this go around?

how does this work? – it is super easy, just follow these steps:

  1. sign up through the link below
  2. wait for the samples to arrive to your house – you get 4!!! different ones!
  3. check for the fb group you get invited to (not on Facebook? – let me know – we can figure it out with a telegram thread or something)
  4. interact with all the infos in the group
  5. attend the zoom meeting and learn from me and other educators!
  6. have fun using your samples – join our oil community if you like!

the oil experience sample drop registration

Are you a health business owner and you would love this experience for your clients/customers? – or do you think of one or even more special friends that would like to join this experience with you? → I am asking because following scene happens a lot: imagine you are at a class and you learn so much, you get empowered to take your health into your own hands, we talk different oils, mental health, common ailments… your thought goes to: ‚this person could really benefit from this‘ – or – ‚my neighbour could use some balance for her kid‘ – or – ‚my co-worker is so burned out, she could try Adaptive’… it never ends.

that is why me and my team want to help you serve your customer/clients/people and will provide samples for them as well… so, let me know if that is something you are interested in!

now, go click this link and sign yourself up…

let me know of any questions you may have and lets get this fun started! JUNE is gonna be awesome!

love, Nadia

please note: this oil experience is for you if you do not have an account with doterra yet – or have one in my customer base – and you speak and understand English (all education will be held in English – for classes in Swiss please go to my insta account @nadianegro_com for dates and to sign up)

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