Podcast. don’t get too excited.

Business. Do no not think for other people. Why I do what I do. @nutritiontherapy.ch

This is an Insta Live recording from last December.  It is has some good snippets in there about why we need to advocate for our own health and why everyone needs to think for themselves.  I also talk about the MLM business dōTERRA – why I do it, why it works for me and why it could work for you! Did you know the alternative healthcare industry has grown like crazy in the last year??? Do you love to help people? Do you have influence in your community? Are you looking for a side gig? Or something full on new? Listen in.  Love, Nadia

I love to try new things and fairly, writing is not my forte. I rather talk. I explain things by talking. I process by talking. And maybe there will be more of this to come. For now, I am sharing this 3 months old insta live for anyone interested in dipping their feet into the natural health business or getting to know what I do from a different angle.

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