hello, it has been a while!

we live in some very weird and interesting times…

…and if I got something to share and hopefully help you with and share some support it would be this: the MORE daily healthy habits we implement into our day – the better we can deal with whatever comes at us… I have seen and experienced it over and over again and it is always the same thing: we cannot serve and take care of others if we do not take care of us. with food. with breathe. with sleep. with movement. for us. daily. And that is why I rewrote and created this healthy habits program also for all my English speaking people. For anyone who is interested. For anyone wanting to learn. For anyone taking their health into their own hands. Please feel free to forward the link below to anyone you might think can benefit. The more we are – the more we can create change and healing. Thank you. 

much love,


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