are you asking questions?

I think it is clear that we live in unprecedented times. In the middle of this trauma that we are in people grow out of their own self and developed super powers or are crumbling. Sometimes both scenarios happen within the same day – within the same person.

I wanted to share some testimonies that have reached me in the last few weeks because I think one thing became very clear: we need to be advocates for our own health. Living healthily and taking care of our mental health and our physical health with natural medicines and a healthy lifestyle has become ESSENTIAL.

The month of April has been the biggest month for me in my dōTERRA essential oil business. While the world economy is crumbling, the pure and honest health industry is booming.

Why? Because in our quest to wellness we all need an advocate. And I can be that for people. And so are the people in my team. If we can empower a Mom who can be an advocate for her family, a women who can then be that for her girlfriends… we change the world and we empower others for this to continue and this movement to grow. And holy shit do we need it. 

On our quest to wellness we all need an advocate.

How? By asking questions and looking behind the curtain. One of the testimonies that reached me this month was from a women newly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. As she was laying in the hospital being told that that was it for her for the rest of her life, she said ’no, I need to call Nadia – she will help me figure this out‘. And as she is telling me her story she says: ‚what do people do who do not have a Nadia to call?‘ – I am nothing special, this is not about me, what I want you to understand is: there is always more than one side to a story – your health story included – and if you are not asking questions and looking at your story from different sides you will get stuck with one scenario that may not be serving you.

You have to be a detective in your own health journey – education and the willingness to see the connection between food, health, inflammation, your lifestyle, your choices is absolutely necessary and the key to success. Success in health. Isn’t that a great goal?

Another one: ‚my Doctor does not believe me that I am not taking any medications for pain and digestion‘ – this out of the mouth of a women who has parts of her digestive system removed.

This is not about blaming doctors to not know and see the connection. This is about empowering YOU.

Ask questions. Be brave.

Another one: ’so other Moms, who are the brink of loosing their shit, know: this little bottle of essential oil blend ‚Air‘ saved my son’s health. No meds did what these essential oils do – have him breathe easily, stop his cough, take his inflammation, restful sleep for the whole family‘

How many need theses natural solutions? Many. If not all of us.

If you are the beginning of your journey, ask questions. Do not give up. Ask for help.

If you are on your journey, please share! Share with the mom who is loosing her shit. Share with the friend who is so sick she does not know where to start. Share with love and compassion. Plant the seed and support.

If you are someone who would like to learn more about YOU can serve and help. Shoot me a message…nothing makes me more happy than having people join this movement who are in it to serve others.

We need all need this.

Thanks and love, Nadia

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