sugar shock

Sugar – the underlying issue – as seen from two different sides;

1.Sugar consumption can lead to hyperglycaemia (too much sugar in the blood stream) or it can cause the opposite: hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). Specific cells in our pancreas produce insulin, the hormone responsible to catch the sugar in our blood stream and transport it into our cells. Sugar is toxic to our body when it stays in the blood stream for too long. Therefor, if we consume large amounts of sugar, and all the time, a lot of insulin is released from the pancreatic cells to move the sugar into the cells. This can happen SO fast that our blood sugar level drops fairly quickly – causing hypoglycaemia – leaving us tired and craving more sugar. The cycle continues: we eat sugar, insulin comes to the rescue, we fall into a hypo and eat again. Over the years our pancreatic cells are giving up. They quit. And we are diabetic.

2.Instead of eating sweets or lots of carbohydrates, (think bread/pasta/crackers/baked goods/sugary drinks) we could eat something that serves our body with nutrients.

Real food contains vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and other micronutrients. All these substances are responsible for all the metabolic actions on a cellular level. If we eat sugar we do not just NOT eat something healthy in its place, we can also not absorb the good stuff from real food because our cells are busy absorbing to the toxic sugar from the blood stream. And this for hours!!!

Regular sugar intake can directly be linked to a deficiency of B vitamins and vitamin C.

in the comments…share your favourite non-sugar treat with me!

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