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I am proud and excited to be a leader within dōTERRA and building my business with them. Their mission to get oils into everyone’s home and to integrate the oils and lifestyle medicine into modern western medicine totally aligns with mine. To move towards a healthy future we need to work together – we need to put the responsibility of our health back into people’s own hands. Empowerment and education will get us there. My mission is to get people out of the medical system who do not belong there. The medical system overloaded and too expensive – lets get people out of there so there is room for those who really need it!

And that all starts with you and the tools and products dōTERRA provides us with.

If you sign up as a wholesale customer with dōTERRA, you get your own wellness account – all the products at a 25% discount, the possibility to earn free products for the whole family.

The easiest way to do this is if you start with a starter kit – an enrolment kit – a collection of oils that best serve you, enrolment fee (35USD) included! – my personal education in a private group setting and one 1 hour wellness consultation are ALWAYS included and guaranteed. Learn more about the products in each starter kit right here.

Personally I got started with the top 10 oils and a diffuser – kind of like the healthy start kit – however, now, my absolut favourite kit is the daily habits enrolment kit! With healthy daily habits we create true health – a foundation for balance within our body: oils, supplements, digestive enzymes and probiotics help us with that. The supplements within that kit (the lifelong vitality trio) comes with a money back guarantee! YES!!! they are THAT good!

to order, follow these steps…

  • start at
  • go to ‚join and save‘
  • scroll to the bottom and click ‚join doterra‘
  • choose language, country, continent
  • choose wholesale customer or wellness advocate – as a wellness advocate you can possibly earn commissions but you must enter your social security number (USA) – however, you can upgrade your account later… we can talk about it
  • the next page requires you all the personal information
  • under sponsor you should see or enter my number 1285344 – click verify to see my name: Nadia Negro Müller
  • create a password and accept the terms and conditions
  • now you get to choose your enrolment kit!
  • add more items to the cart if you need anything else
  • enter your credit card infos and you are all set!!!
  • while you wait for your order to come in – we will set up an appointment to go through what you ordered and set up that wellness plan!

so excited for you! welcome to the family of health warriors!

to get you started with a protocol right away – download this visual protocol from Dr. Hill!

my collection I use daily to prevent a cold, combat one and take care of digestive discomfort

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